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mathematical model, diagnostics, internal combustion engine, turbocharger, diagnostics matrix, block-diagram, failure, failure symptom, Boolean function


Concept of modern automobile transport development provides the increase of the engine power with the reduction of fuel consumption and emissions of the combustion products. To achieve the set goals the internal combustion engines are equipped with turbochargers, boost intercoolers, electric power storage systems of the fuel supply and electronic control elements.

Nowadays in greater part of cases faults of the boosting systems of the internal combustion engines are detected by the external features. It is also possible to improve the quality of the engines boosting systems diagnostics by means of developing new mathematical models of their functioning.

Modern methods and means of turbochargers diagnostics as the element of the boosting system of the engines of the motor vehicle transport have been analyzed. It was determined that the available methods and means of the turbochargers diagnostics do not allow in full scale to determine their current technical state that requires the development of the mathematical models of their units and elements as the object of the diagnostics. 

Turbocharger ЯМЗ-650.1118011, which is the part of the boosting system of diesel engines ЯМЗ-650.10, ЯМЗ-6501.10 and ЯМЗ-6502.10 are selected as the object of the diagnostics.

Analysis of the characteristic features of ЯМЗ-650.1118011 construction as the object of diagnostics, was performed.

Replacement of real engineering devices with their idealized models enables to use various mathematical methods. Mathematical model is suggested in general form, this model represents the system of functional dependences between each diagnostic signal and structural parameters.

For turbocharger ЯМЗ-650.1118011 diagnostic matrix is composed, it comprises the list of failures and features of failures.

By means of the developed mathematical model it is possible to perform efficient diagnostics of the turbocharger ЯМЗ-650.1118011. In the process of mathematical model development it was taken into consideration that the inverse transform of the amount of the failure symptoms into the amount of the structural parameters (failures) of the object was single-valued.

Study of the suggested mathematical model of turbocharger ЯМЗ-650.1118011 diagnostics will enable to detect the failures of its units and parts depending on their features, this will increase the term of no-failure operation both of the turbocharger itself and the engine of the motor vehicle.

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Borysiuk Dmytro, Vinnytsia National Technical University

Cand. Sc. (Eng.), Assistant with the Department of Motor Vehicles and Transport Management


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