Scientific Works of Vinnytsia National Technical University <p>Scientific Works of Vinnytsia National Technical University (ISSN&nbsp;2307-5392) is online quarterly&nbsp;peer-reviewed&nbsp;scientific journal on technical sciences.&nbsp;It is English version of the journal&nbsp;<strong>Praci Vinnytskogo Natsionalnogo Technichnogo Universitetu</strong>&nbsp;(ISSN&nbsp;2307-5376).</p> Vinnytsia National Technical University en-US Scientific Works of Vinnytsia National Technical University 2307-5392 INFORMATION INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY OF THE AUTOMATIC GEOREFERENCING OF THE ECOLOGICAL TEXT NATURAL-LANGUAGE INFORMATION <p>Research is devoted to the development of the information intelligent technology of the automated georeferencing of text information-language information by means of the NER (named entity recognition) technology and NLP (natural language processing) technology with the reference to the geographical objects of the vector maps. The study kit is formed by means of partition of the labeled entities-locations and entities-organizations into separate samples, which contain combined in a certain way entities, that characterize the planar objects of larger surface and, separately, those that characterize smaller planar objects, linear and point objects. Such division of the data enables to organize multistage revision of the identification results and models used, this allows to provide simultaneously the increase of the completeness, accuracy and speed of georeferencing of the set ecological text information.</p> <p>Recommendations, regarding the application of this technology for Ukrainian, English and other languages as well as&nbsp; for the algorithm for the &nbsp;preparation of the input cartographic data, using GIS-package of ArcGIS programs are developed. The examples of the application of the separate elements of the suggested technology to real text data about the state of water arrays of the South Bug basin are given.</p> Vitalii Mokin Mykola Horash Yevheniy Kryzhanovskyi Tetiana Vuzh Copyright (c) 2021 2021-07-05 2021-07-05 4 10.31649/2307-5392-2020-4-32-41 DEPENDENCE OF THE DISEASES SPREADING ON THE DISTANCE BETWEEN THE RESINDENTIAL AREA AND SOLID DOMESTIC WASTE LANDFILL <p>In recent years in Ukraine, the total area of the solid domestic waste dumps and landfills, including the overloaded ones, which violate the norms of ecological safety and are the objects of the intensive ecological loading has grown. This may cause the pollution of the environment with harmful substances: heavy metals, microorganisms (colibacilli bacteria, streptococci, staphylococci, ascarids), high toxic filtrate, landfill gas, etc., giving rise to diseases. Determination of the regression dependences of various diseases incidence among the adult population of the residential areas, adjacent to the disposal sites on the distance to the solid domestic waste dump is an actual scientific engineering problem. The aim of the research is the determination of the regressive dependences of various diseases incidence among the adult population of the residential areas, adjacent to the disposal sites on the distance to the solid waste dump. In the process of the research the method of the regression analysis of single-factor experiments results and other pair dependences with the selection of the best type of function from the sixteen the most spread variants by the criterion of the maximum value of the correlation factor was used. The regression was carried out on the base of the linearized transformations, which enable to reduce the non-linear dependence to linear one. The determination of the coefficients of the regression equations was carried out, applying the method of the least squares by means of the developed computer program "RegAnaliz". Adequate regression power dependences of the diseases of various types incidence among the adult population of the residential areas, adjacent to the disposal sites on the distance to the dump are obtained. These dependences are used for the determination of the safe distance for the location of the solid domestic waste dumps from the residential areas by the indices of the pathology incidence of the respiratory system and diseases of the circulatory system. Graphic dependences of various types of the diseases spreading among the adult population of the residential areas, adjacent to the disposal sites on the distance to the dump, these dependences allow to illustrate these dependences and show the sufficient convergence of the theoretical results with the actual data.</p> Oleg Bereziuk Svitlana Gorbatiuk Ludmila Bereziuk Copyright (c) 2021 2021-07-05 2021-07-05 4 10.31649/2307-5392-2020-4-1-6 PROCESSING AND USAGE OF THE MULTISPECTRAL IMAGES IN AGROMONITORING <p>The paper contains the analysis of the process of images processing in agromonitoring, that enables to obtain complex information, regarding the state of the fields and agricultural crops, cultivated on these fields. This implies the passage of several stages of the complex preprocessing, which performs the correction and improvement of the space survey and aerial survey images and subject-related processing, which provides the decoding process or recognition of the objects and phenomena on the space survey or aerial survey images. Each of these stages includes the corresponding types and ways of the realization, besides some methods of image improvement provide the change of the spectral characteristics of the image, that is why, after their application the methods of subject-related processing, based on the analysis of the values of spectral brightness of pixels (classifications, arithmetic transformation of the channels, etc.) can not be used. In the given research on the base of the analysis of the literature sources, types and ways of the multispectral images processing, regarding agromonitoring are distinguished, as the work with such images due to a small number of spectral bands requires less cost for the processing without quality degradation unlike hyperspectral images. Types of the preprocessing stage are considered, namely geometrical correction of the images, radiometric calibration of the images, radiometric correction of the atmospheric impact, restoration of the missed pixels, contrasting by means of the histogram linear spreading, contrasting by means of histogram equalization, filtration. Methods of the subject-related processing stage are considered, namely: color transformation, analysis of the main components, spectral division, classification with and without learning, image indexation, determination of the quantitative indices. Their peculiarities, conditions of usage, etc., are described. The procedure, describing the stages of multispectral images processing in agromonitoring, taking into account all the types and methods of each stage realization, is suggested.</p> Yosyp Bilinskyi Bogdan Knysh Jaroslav Kulyk Copyright (c) 2021 2021-07-05 2021-07-05 4 10.31649/2307-5392-2020-4-7-17 EVENTS PLANING, USING THE TARGET FORM OF THE TIME-MANAGEMENT ORGANIZATION <p>The paper considers the choice of the time management organization form for the application in the time-planning application. Some researchers distinguish two forms in the time management, personal and corporative, and another group of researchers distinguishes three forms, personal, role, social. For the determination of the most promising form of the time management, the study of the search requests of the Internet users according to three forms of the time management was performed, the study showed that the greatest interest growth is demonstrated &nbsp;to the personal form of time management, the second position is occupied by the social time management, it also grows but at a slower rate; interest rating of the corporate time management remains without changes during the last five years. On the base of the interest growth dynamics the conclusions are made, that it is expedient to concentrate further studied and developments on the personal time management, as the majority of people feel the need in this type of time-management. Analysis of the basic notions of the information technology of the time-management organization is carried out, on the base of this analysis the alternative form of the time-management, called target form is suggested. Characteristic feature of the target form is the construction of the daily plans, based on the orientation on the global goals and individual roles. Sequence of actions while using the target form of the time-management organization is demonstrated formally. The suggested form should be implemented in the corresponding software, that must combine a great volume of knowledge in different spheres. The intersection of the individual and role forms of the time management at certain stages is demonstrated. The advantages of the suggested target form are considered: improved process of the decision making, improved process of the plans composition, improved motivation, substantiated determination of the control points. Some drawbacks of the target form are listed below: necessity to introduce a great number of the personal data, constant need to update information.</p> Тaras Zakysylo Volodymyr Mesura Copyright (c) 2021 2021-07-05 2021-07-05 4 10.31649/2307-5392-2020-4-18-24 SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS FOR THE MATHEMATICAL MODELING AND CONTROL OF THE MULTISECTIONAL ASYNCHROOUS MOTOR <p>In various branches of industry and transport there exists the necessity of the direct realization of the progressive motion of the executive elements of the working machines. For this purpose, it is expedient to apply linear induction motors (LIM), main advantages of these motors are high reliability, simple construction, reduction of the dimensions, mass and cost of the installation as well as the possibility to obtain progressive motion with the unlimited values of acceleration rate and deceleration without any mechanical transmission. However, LIM are characterized by a number of the characteristic features, which must be taken into account in the process of the development and&nbsp; implementation, namely: increased&nbsp; working air gap and, as a result, increased dissipation flows, saturation and magnetic circuit discontinuity, that lead to the emergence of the longitudinal end effects, decrease of efficiency and power factor. Aim of the research is the analysis of the impact of the peculiarities of LIM constructive realization on its static and dynamic characteristics.</p> <p>Main attention is paid to LIM with the limited length of the inductor or rotor, which can remain in the state when primary and secondary elements interact only partially, i. e., do not have complete overlapping of each other. The base of the specified LIM model is standard model of the rotational induction electric motor of Matlab/Simulink package, using the modified Т-shaped equivalent circuits t of LIM, which takes into account transverse and longitudinal edge and end effects as well incomplete overlapping of the inductor.</p> <p>As a result of research, carried out, it is shown that the incomplete overlapping of the inductor influences both the starting process and steady-state motion of LIM and worsens the transient processes quality, decreases &nbsp;the traction effort and acceleration.</p> <p>The paper also considers the characteristic features of LIM with multisectional inductor control in starting, steady-state and braking modes.</p> <p>The results of the performed research enable to formulate the recommendations, regarding the optimization of the construction and improvement of the methods of LIM control.</p> Vitalii Teriaiev Anton Dovbyk Copyright (c) 2021 2021-07-05 2021-07-05 4 10.31649/2307-5392-2020-4-25-31 STUDY OF THE MOTION DYNAMICS OF THE CUTTING TOOL OF THE AUTOMATED DEVICE FOR BRICK BLANKS FORMATION <p><em>The given research considers the main problems of brick production development, identified the most cost-effective method of brick production, provided a scheme of step-by-step formation of bricks by plastic method and determined the stage at which the modernization of the equipment for brick production should be made. Main operational and quality characteristics of building bricks are clarified. The urgency of improving the technological equipment for the formation of brick blanks is substantiated. The construction and principle of operation of some domestic automatic devices for cutting clay bar into brick blanks are analyzed, their main advantages and disadvantages are determined. The variant of improving the element of the production line of brick formation by replacing the mechanical structure by the automated device, built on the principle of mechatronic system is proposed. The hydraulic circuit of the automated device for the formation of brick blanks is composed. Mathematical model of the motion dynamics of the cutting tool of this device is developed, the model is represented by a system of differential equation, containing the equation of balance of forces and flows. Simulation study of the motion dynamics of the main actuator of the automated device for bricks formation in the environment MATLAB Simulink is carried out, as a result, the dependences of acceleration, speed and coordinate of the cutting tool motion, as well as the pressure in the pumping station on time were obtained. In addition, the dependence of the movement of the cutting tool on the time during the change of the cutting tool mass and change of the technological load force was determined. In the course of the research, the time of reaching the clay bar by the cutting tool and the time of its complete displacement were determined, and the value of the pressure in the pumping station was recorded. The dependences of the influence of the most important factors on the motion dynamics of the cutting tool of the device for raw brick blanks formation were also determined. Such factors were: reduced mass (in general inertia) of the moving parts of the cutting tool; technological load; the friction force that occurs during the movement of the cutting tools of the device.</em></p> Vyacheslav Perepelitsya Copyright (c) 2021 2021-07-05 2021-07-05 4 10.31649/2307-5392-2020-4-42-48