Adaptive digital model of signal propagation processes in long lines and branching pl- network


  • Alexander Zaslavsky National Mining University
  • Anton Sychevskiy National Mining University


model, signal, network, source, receiver, two-terminal network, treeterminal device, graphmodel, treetermina


On the basis of Heavyside telegrapher’s equations digital model of high frequency signals propagation in branch tree-like energy supply network of multistory multifunctional building has been developed. The technique of model adaptation to the variations of sources and receivers of signals location has been suggested. The developed model provides the possibility to select the location of sources, receivers and relay stations of high frequency signals from the point of view of reliability and error probability performance of information network.




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Author Biographies

Alexander Zaslavsky, National Mining University

Cand. Sc. (Eng.), Assistant Professor, Department of
Automation and Computer Systems, National Mining University

Anton Sychevskiy, National Mining University



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A. Zaslavsky and A. Sychevskiy, “Adaptive digital model of signal propagation processes in long lines and branching pl- network”, Works of VNTU, no. 1, Nov. 2015.



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